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How it works for the guest
Scanning of the QR
The visitor scans the QR in a restaurant using camera of a mobile device. The action is performed with one click, there is no need to install any applications.
Opening the menu
An access to online menu with intuitive navigation, unlimited amount of photos, descriptions and prices of dishes.
Placing an order
Being easily navigated, the client selects suitable dishes and places an order.
Savings on printing
Less time and money spent on updating the menu, e.g. in the event of price or design change.
Multi language
Speak the language of your guests.
Benefits for business
Simplification of the system
Thanks to the digital format, prices and photos in your online menu can be edited easily and free of charge.

You also have an opportunity to introduce new dishes and update stop lists.
Turnover increase
Digital QR code menu with photos ensures colorfulness and ease of choice for the customer. Looking at “appetizing” food photos, the guest feels comfortable and makes more spontaneous purchases.
Scenarios and applicability
The visitor cares about the hygiene
Paper menu, just like banknotes, passes through thousands of hands and contains bacteria and viruses on its surface.
Instead of a thousand words
HoReCa segment often doesn’t pay enough attention to food photos. They keep making text menus without pictures, although over 60% of people on the Earth perceive the world around them visually.
The client wants to come to a laid table without making calls or correspondence, or to place an order online and take the dish away.
Online payment
Online payment can be set up for pre-order or order with delivery. Funds are deposited immediately and directly to the account of restaurant.
Thematic offers can be added to the contactless menu at any time. After a couple of clicks in the program, the dish of the day will flaunt on the main screen.
The program takes over this function and determines the gender, age, interests and preferences of the existing clientele.
You no longer have to manually analyze the client profile.
Moreover, using the” META Pixel” technology you can find customers, whose interests are similar to the visitors of your restaurant.
By scanning the QR code, the visitor leaves personal data that is used to set up targeted advertising directly for him.
Thanks to pixel tracking, the Customer Retention rate is increased.
“META Pixel” technology
How the introduction of the QR menu has affected the efficiency of the fast food restaurants
The restaurant works as a takeaway, and also cooperates with other coffee houses and canteens, supplying breakfasts, pastries and desserts.
Frequently asked questions
Kami.qr creates an electronic QR code automatically as you connect to the service. You just have to print the code and place it on the tables.
Contactless QR menu for restaurants
Contactless QR menu for restaurants
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